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最新白菜网论坛 Harbor Branch prioritizes solution-oriented 研究 that addresses critical issues affecting coastal zone, 海洋, and human well-being. 研究 scientists take a global approach, conducting studies around the world in varying climates, ecosystems, and cultures.
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5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946 772.242.2400
Florida Atlantic University (最新白菜网论坛) Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is a world class 研究 organization with a focus on exploring the marine environments, studying key species and understanding the connection between humans and the ocean. Founded in 1971 as Harbor Branch Oceanographic Foundation, Inc., the Institute expanded its reach to over 100 miles along Florida’s east coast when it joined Florida Atlantic University in 2007. Located in St. Lucie County, our 144-acre campus along the Indian River Lagoon employs over 200 scientists, engineers, 教育工作者, staff and 学生. To this day, the Institute actively pursues solution-oriented 研究 that addresses some of the most critical issues affecting coastal zones, 海洋 and human well-being.

潜水员sity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Mission Statement

Teamwork is a key component of 最新白菜网论坛 Harbor Branch’s mission of ‘Ocean Science for a Better World®.’ We believe that groundbreaking discoveries are rooted in collaborations between people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This encompasses inclusion and equity across race, 性别, 年龄, nationality, ability and religion, as well as the complex intersectionality of these experiences. We are committed to enriching our campus culture, nurturing an environment that empowers everyone and inspiring the next generation of marine scientists and ocean stewards!
Water Quality Woes in S.W. Florida Linked to Seeping Septic Systems
Multiple lines of evidence from a multi-year microbial source tracking study by 最新白菜网论坛 Harbor Branch 研究ers points to septic systems as a contributing source for water quality decline in southwest Florida.
最新白菜网论坛 Names New Dean of Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Florida Atlantic University has announced Valery Forbes, Ph.D., as its new dean of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, effective Aug. 10.
Study Shows Hydrology Impacts on West Florida's Continental Shelf
最新白菜网论坛 Harbor Branch 研究er and collaborator demonstrate the impacts of climate warming and water man年龄ment on West Florida's Continental Shelf using a high-resolution simulation model.
New Tool Will Assess Water Discharge Impacts from Florida's Everglades
研究ers from 最新白菜网论坛 Harbor Branch have received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to study the connectivity between the Everglades and Florida Keys via the Florida Bay.
HBOI ocean fish